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You may have noticed that we do not sell universal ink refills here at Premium Inks. This is because it is important to use specially formulated ink for each printer type! Dye ink is often used for refilling domestic desktop inkjet printers and is kinder to printheads, producing darker blacks. In addition we also stock Pigment based inks that are more water and fade resistant. Where eco-solvent is recommended for outdoor use on larger format printing machines. Printer manufacturers use slightly different inkjet technology, so to achive optimal results correct filtration is required going through the print head nozzles. The thickness of the liquid needs to be close to OEM for it to disperse onto the paper correctly at the best flow rate. Our technicians have optimised our ink for various printer makes using laboratory testing techniques. These tests include water cleanliness testing, filter testing, transfer temperatures, and PH testing. As ink is made up of colourant, binders, solvents, and additives, these levels are adjusted accordingly. The end result being continuous trouble-free printing without blockages or excess liquid transfer. If you have been using the wrong type of ink in your printer you may be suffering from poor quality printing or a blocked head. Fortunately in a high percentage of cases a blockage can be cleared and correct output quality restored. It is important that you begin to use the correct ink for your printer as soon as possible. Listed below are Premium Bulk Refill Ink Bottles for Refilling Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Lexmark printers. Black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light/photo cyan, light/photo magenta, grey/gray, green, and red 28ml, 100ml and 1 Litre bulk refill bottles by Premium Inks. They are specifically intended for use with each particular manufacturer machine and we recommend you purchase the correct type to achieve best results. Total prices include Free UK delivery and VAT.

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